How to make your own YOGURT

I just read a very inspiring post about healthy eating on my friend Kathryn’s blog.  Her thoughts on food are very similar to mine – so I’ll just let you read what she has to say!  Anyways, she mentioned wanting to make her own yogurt, and that is an art I have just recently perfected.  I thought I’d share my technique with y’all since I’d be writing it out for her anyways.

IMPORTANT: use fat milk(homo milk, 3.25%, whatever they call it in your store)!  I know you don’t want to, but do it.  If you don’t, your yogurt will be stringy and that is not as nice.

So, pour a litre of the homo milk into a pot on medium heat.  Cover it with the lid and let it foam up(boil).  I let it foam up to just about the top and then remove it from the burner.  Now let it cool for approximately 45 minutes.  Go and buy a food thermometer if you don’t have one.  Some people use their finger but when I did that, my yogurt didn’t turn out so well.  When I started using a food thermometer, my troubles were over.  So stick in the food thermometer and when it reaches 100 degrees farenheit, you’re good to go.  There may be some yucky milk skin that you can just remove.  Then, pour the milk into a container(glass, plastic, whatever) and mix in two tablespoons of room temperature plain yogurt.  Put the lid on the container, put it in the oven, turn the light on, and leave it there overnight.

THAT’S IT!  Give yourself an hour and a bit to do it.  I have started making it at 1opm and regretted it later!!

Let me know if you have any questions.


6 thoughts on “How to make your own YOGURT

    • Lindsay says:

      Yes, you do! I just moved to a new place and there is no light in the oven so I have been wrapping the yogurt container in a towel and putting it over a heat vent. It works just as well. Also I put an extra tablespoon of yogurt into the mixture and it made it a little thicker. Good luck! 🙂


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