Balcony Girls # 4

Balcony Girls this week consisted of:

making sweet potato fries: only one of them knew what a sweet potato was!  So sad… sweet potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables!  We tossed them in olive oil and sea salt and baked them for 40 minutes.  We ate them with ketchup and they were gone almost as fast as the chocolate macaroons last week!

checking on our plants: they’ve all sprouted and some have grown a lot!  It was exciting for them to see!

talking about confidence:  I used the guide’s suggestion to take a $50 bill and ask them if it was worth a lot and if they wanted it.  Then I crumpled it up, opened it and asked if it was still worth the same and if they still wanted it.  Then I told them to imagine that they were the $50 bill, and that sometimes when people say mean things about us, we feel crumpled up or stomped on – but we are still worth a lot – we are valuable because God created us and loves us.  I think it might be hard for kids to “get” that – it’s hard for adults to get that sometimes too!  I just hope that someday in the future they will remember this lesson and know that they are always valuable and worth so much.

a question box: I made a little question box so they could ask questions in an anonymous way by writing on little slips of paper.  I was thinking they might have questions about being a girl – how our bodies change, etc.  Or maybe about friends and situations.  They all had questions – but they were mostly about my life – specifically “do you want children?”  and “what are you going to name your kid?”  Hahaha.  Everyone seems to be curious about that these days… (no, I’m not pregnant)

making a Balcony Girls poster.  I love making collages and they seemed to enjoy it too when we made our journals.  It’s a quick and easy craft to put together.  The poster isn’t done yet but is looking good so far… I’ll make sure to take a picture of the finished product. 🙂

It was a good meeting – there were lots of laughs as the girls all squished onto the stairs and ate cookies.  I’m not entirely sure how much they learned about confidence, but they definitely had fun.


One thought on “Balcony Girls # 4

  1. Allison says:

    Wow, I want to be there! =)

    This is such a great group, Lindz, and I love all the ideas and prayer that go into each event.

    Love ya!


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