Balcony Girls #3!

I had nine wonderful girls at my house last night.  Since five has been the average so far, it was a little more hectic, but still great.  The theme of the night was being trustworthy.  We spent time talking about how it feels to trust someone and how it feels to be trusted.


At the beginning of the night we planted flowers from seed.  I split the girls into two groups.  One went onto the balcony and planted while the other designed covers for their pots.


dishing up the dirt


Afterwards, we went outside to do a “trust walk”.  I know the girls loved it because they wanted to play it again!





Finally, we had a snack, which they devoured.  I made chocolate macaroons(aka haystacks) using a recipe my mother often made(and still makes!).  They asked for the recipe, so we wrote it down in our journals.


After the girls had left and Lucy and I cleaned up(thank goodness she loves cookie crumbs), I put the pots on my window sill and admired their designs.  I had asked them to include their name and “something about trust.”  I loved what one girl wrote: “Trust is a thing we should do every day.”  I couldn’t help but think of Jesus when I read that statement, and I suddenly realized that I had failed to mention trusting God!  Oops.  I’ll have to include that next time. 🙂



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