Getting Organized

Three whole months ago I posted my New Year’s Resolutions, and I haven’t looked at them since!  Not too surprising… isn’t that what usually happens?  I took a peek yesterday and cringed a little, but there’s one that allowed me to pat myself on the back.  Number 5 on my list was to be more organized.  I found this great blog called Simple Organized Living, which is run by a professional organizer(I wasn’t aware one could be a professional organizer) named Andrea.  This woman organizes everything in her home and life, and it’s very encouraging!!  I think the most helpful thing I’ve learned is how to keep track of finances.  I’ve never done this for myself before.  My receipts always got crumpled up in my purse and thrown out two months later.  I always wondered if we should make that big purchase… is it in the budget?  What budget?  What is budgeting???… things I never learned.  UNTIL NOW!  Andrea provided a free Excel template that allows you to keep track of how much you make and how much you spend, and then gives you a handy dandy little summary to show if you’re spending more than you’re making.  It’s great!  I actually ENJOY keeping track of our money.  Who knew.


Another way I’ve been organizing is by cleaning out the cupboards!  During March Break(the last two weeks) I tried to clean as many cupboards and drawers as possible.  These are tasks I normally dread, but once you get started, it’s actually pretty fun, and super satisfying when you put everything back and realize you had way more space than you thought.


Have a beautiful day and stay tuned for another Nuni and Lindsay music video!


P.S. Here’s another great website to help you keep on top of your finances:


4 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. Kathryn Cross says:

    Good Job Lindsay! Finances is always a difficult area and I’m glad you’re starting to budget. We try to keep on top of it but it can become overwhelming, especially when the debt load is way more than the income. Tim and I are actually working on a family mission statement and I think that will also help in the financial area because if you have a clear statement of what you value than you can spend your money to reflect that. I got the idea here a website I love!

    Anyway, love you lots:)


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