Balcony Girls #2


This week’s Balcony Girls meeting we focused on self-discipline, specifically regarding GOSSIP!


As the girls arrived, I handed out their journals that I had written in since the last meeting.  Initially I had planned to let the girls write what they learned each week, but Sandy(creator of Balcony Girls) commented in her guide that she tried this approach and it took up too much time.  I really enjoyed writing in each girl’s journal – I tried to summarize the meeting, write a personal message and include the week’s Bible verse.


Before getting into the lesson we made Five Cup Salad(a childhood favourite) and wrote the recipe in our journals.


I introduced the gossip topic by presenting the girls with a tube of toothpaste.  I asked each of them to squeeze some onto their finger.  After we’d all done that, I asked them to put it back.  They found it to be very difficult!  Our words are like toothpaste: once they come out, they’re not going back in!  We had a very good discussion about gossip – what it is, how it makes us feel, why people do it, and what we should do if someone starts talking badly about someone.  I shared a story of a rumour that was spread about me in grade 8 that made me feel terrible.  I also gave an example of a time I stood up for someone, and how good that felt!


At the end I shared this statement from the Balcony Girls guide:

People listen to what you say!  Take that power and start telling friends “good stuff” about others.  Point out positive, truthful things – elevate each other in the friend chain!  Don’t tear and bring others down.  Being positive is addictive, so start something by being an example to others!

Lucy the Balcony Dog



2 thoughts on “Balcony Girls #2

  1. Allison says:

    Lindsay, this is so great. What a great analogy (the toothpaste trick) and focus.
    It’s encouraging just reading about what you girls are learning together — I bet they must be having an amazing time.

    (Plus, that salad sounds delicious!!)


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