Balcony Girls

A few months ago, I was standing outside with a couple of girls at recess.  They were asking me about make-up and if I wore it.  After we had a little discussion, one of them said, “Lindsay, you should have a girls’ club.”  At that moment, I thought, “Hmm… no.  I spend enough time with you children during the day.”  But the suggestion stayed with me, and eventually I came to the conclusion that yes, I should have a girls’ club.  I spent a couple of months thinking about my objectives and hopes for the group, and became increasingly excited about all of the possibilities.

I wanted to have some sort of guide, though, because I have discovered that I’m a “recipe” girl – I do best when I have something to follow.  I wasn’t having much success until my friend Kathryn recommended a blog to me called the “Reluctant Entertainer.”  Sandy Coughlin, the author of the blog, wrote about a group she started called “Balcony Girls” and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for.  She had an e-book available for purchase ($10) with an outline of her meetings.  I purchased it right away and was so happy with the material.  Here’s a little bit from the e-book to help you understand what it’s all about:

Balcony Girls is life-changing lessons and activities that help adolescent girls become “balcony girls.” Balcony girls are young women who build others up rather than pulling others down, which is a growing problem within our negative pre-teen culture. A philosophy of encouragement, strength, and courage permeates the stimulating lessons and activities, which reinforce time-honored virtues such as honesty, trustworthiness, respect, confidence and compassion.

As soon as I read that, I was like, “YES.”  That is exactly what these, and all girls need!  They need to know that it feels WAY better to bring people up and be brought up than it feels to put people down and be put down.  I already see so much bullying in our school.  I see a lot of hurting kids hurting people.  Hurt people hurt people.  Have you heard that before?  It’s so true.  My deepest hope for these girls is that they will someday allow Jesus to heal their hurting hearts.

So please pray for us this week as we have our first meeting of the BALCONY GIRLS!  If you have any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE let me know.  I’ll try to write about each meeting so you can follow along on our adventure.

For more information about the original Balcony Girls, go here:


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