new year’s resolutions

I know that everyone says that New Year’s Resolutions never last, but I made some anyway, and I do intend to keep them.  It’s easier to stick to something if you have some accountability, so please feel free to ask me how I’m doing throughout the year!

Here they are:

1. Spend daily quiet time with Jesus (so far I’m 4 for 4.  A friend gave Nuni and I a devotional for Christmas and it is helping a lot)

2. Look at life from the big picture/eternally

3. Think less selfishly

4. Do exercise videos(or Wii fit… if we get a Wii I will have no problem with this)

5. Be more organized

6. Learn the words to Portuguese songs(and sing them)

7. Fart less around Nuni

8. Communicate more with family and in-laws

9. Go to bed earlier

10. Drink cranberry juice

11. Train for 5km run/walk(our school board is doing this in June)

I didn’t mean to have 11 for 2011, but I kinda like it.


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