a worthy cause

Dear friends,

I received this email this evening from my awesome friend Cole who is living and working in Nepal this year.  I ask you to prayerfully consider what you can give, even if it is just $10.  Every bit counts.


Dear All,

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend about his trip home to his village earlier
this week.  He told me that a young boy fell from a tree and was injured.
Although the village is less than 100km from Kathmandu and a hospital, the boy
died.  This village, of approximately fourteen thousand people, does not have
an ambulance or a single vehicle that can be used as one in an emergency. They
have only a rudimentary first aid station.  The community tried desperately to
call for help, but no one would come, and even when they pooled their resources
they could not afford to charter a helicopter to rescue the boy.  In many Nepali
villages this is a fact of life, and what we would consider to be a simple injury or
illness becomes fatal.

The village community is trying to raise enough funds to purchase an ambulance
but because they do not manufacture vehicles in Nepal and because there are
extortionate import taxes, this vehicle is going to be very expensive.  These
people live on the edge of extreme poverty, but they want to share the cost of
running and maintaining an ambulance. They realize the benefit will be shared
by all, just as the losses, like the death of this young boy, are shared by the
whole community.

I am contacting you, my close friends and family, because I know each of you
also cares about helping people and need, and because you are all talented
organizers and fundraisers.  An ambulence will cost approximately $20,000
Canadian.  This seems like alot of money, but if together we can get 2,000
people to each give $10 we will be giving an entire village of sixteen thousand
access to medical care.  Furthermore, we will be helping them help themselves.

I have emailed my father, and hopefully we will be able to run these fundraisers
as “Outreach Nepal” a special branch of project Outreach Malawi.  This will
allow for tax receipts for donors and other support.

I was deeply touched by my friends story.  His and the larger communities
inability to save one of their own, and the needlessness of this boy’s death.
That is why I’m making this appeal.  If you would like to help, by organizing a
fundraiser, or simply canvasing among friends and colleagues for donations,
please contact me individually.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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